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SKU: T-5Y3G. The tube testing circuit of the Model 504-8 is designed to classify receiving type tubes by the emission principle. No data is found on this tube, except for the filament power (which is 3. has been dedicated to creating custom designed, ultra-audiophile quality tube audio equipment at factory-direct prices. Radio tubes are valves. Operation. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, I assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein. Prices are per tube. Division St. This is a suitable replacement for any 6X5 = 6X5G = 6X5GT Full-Wave Rectifier tube type. They are similar to 6AU6 tubes electrically speaking. Found 200 records in Search of Tubes Asylum. Item ID: 007148. This file is no substitute for the original manual. The 5670 is being used as a 6922 substitute in some applications with either the correct socket wiring or an adapter. After a tube strikes, its condition is read on the "A" scale of the meter as you would a rectifier tube. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, or discharge tubes. Original: PDF List of vacuum tubes explained. 6X5 / 5852 / VT-126 / EZ35 Tubes in Stock TC Tubes and Audio Repair Repair services include tube and solid state gear, turn table set-up, and tube-testing in Twin Cities Metro Area. Zoom out and see the bigger picture, or focus in on an unprecedented level of granular data. The following instructions are keyed to the table of teat data given In paragraph & For comule@ operating inatruetions see TM 11-6625-274-12, Operator’s This is a long page, use your scroll button to scroll down and see it all. A 5Y3GT uses the filament for DC from the tube. tube voltmeters, however, are designed to be used in essentially the same manner. ALLIED guarantees your. 00. One of the best sounding 5U4G Full-Wave rectifier you can find other than the famed GEC U52, and the Western Electric 274A and 274B. Category Science & Technology; Show more Show less. It has a very smooth sweet breakup just like Sep 09, 2007 · My anthem has originally had a 5AR4 but came with a JAN 5Y3GT in the power supply. 2-5. Bonne Terre, MO 63628 sndtubes@vacuumtubes. Minor changes may be necessary when a picture tube is substituted. I love and appreciate tube based audio gear and own sixteen pieces of tube gear between my two reference systems. Any of these tubes good for amps? I got a box of miscellaneous tubes and am wondering if any of them are useful for tube amps, especially guitar. Various brands available. 6kg6a 25. This is a new old stock type 1274 vacuum tube(posted on June 8th, 2017) 1275 Sylvania Nos Vacuum Tube Test Very Strong Substitute For (47. I first noticed this with my Audio Mirror amps upon changing the 6SN7's to 6F8g's. Loading Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. 5% similar) 6sn7 and 6sl7 substitute with adapter sold on plug-and-play adapter, no internal amplifier modifications needed I can match them in quads also. Tube Interchangability Reference. BustedGear. You will not want to repeat the transformer replacement. Silicon Chip Magazine 2005 10 Oct This banner text can have markup. 3 V, 1. Michael Marx 105 N. It's "more tube than you need" for replacing the 5Y3, because the 5R4 can support nearly double the peak plate current of the 5Y3. Our full 3D holographic sound stage produces a natural, ORGANIC, rich sound with high density and silky details, addictive tonal quality and airy openness. There is also a large American 6Z4 reciter which is in no way related to the Chinese 6Z4. To prevent damage to equipment, it would be wise to double check with a good tube manual before actually doing a substitution. Tube Amp Doctor GmbH. Our tubes are always tested, matched and guaranteed. I use the Jade Audio Ref Platinum ICs from the B6 to the Aria WV line stage and a Dream State Dream Catcher PC on the B6. TUBE FAILURE CHECK CHART: in each and every PHOTOFACT TV Folder. Now, to obtain the proper results from a vacuum -tube voltmeter requires not only that the serviceman knows how to connect the meter into the circuit and how to adjust the panel controls, but that he also knows how to correctly read the meter scale. Vacuum Tube - 5Y3G, Rectifier, Full Wave. . (posted on March 5th, 2018) A useful solid state valve substitute. pdf (41121 bytes) 6H6 RCA dd 6H6. Full text of "Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Volume 1" See other formats The diodes you mentioned as having placed in series with the 6X4, they serve just as a safety measure but have no effect as long as the tube is functioning correct? I ran across mention that it might be possible to use a 0Z4 or 0Z4G as substitute for a 6X5. RAYTHEON / GE / RCA 6AX5-GT Vacuum Tube. The speaker area is approx. No image available. One used-in-box valve, 6CM5. 6N7GT/G -. Type: Structure: Date: Base: PDF: Sensibly equivalent ¶ to:: 6C7: Double Diode Triode: 1940 : CV854 CV1777 McShane Design - Citation & Other Vintage Tube Gear Fine Vacuum Tubes & Vacuum Tube Parts/Kits Now - Pay By Credit Card or PayPal! See "How To Order" below! Need tubes? Scroll down for a huge list of new production, NOS, and great used tubes. 6J3 / 6SH7 tube tubes store. Three major developments in the larger tube are a new electron gun The system assigned numbers with the base form "1A21", and is therefore also referred to as the "1A21 system". Only a few types are still used today, mainly in high-power, high-frequency applications. By supporting Lowtechelec, you’re supporting a small business, and, in turn, Etsy! These military grade, Joint Army Navy (JAN) vacuum tubes are all new and in the original box. For the descriptions of the look and the functioning, please refer to the article on the RS-28 CX. 6X5 Tube replacement tip! A must do if have one. Pretty simple circuit if you make it a SE and substitute the 6AQ5 for the 6v6 everything should pretty much match your lineup. It may be available to manufacturers during the last half of 1954, and then only in limited quantities. This NE W t ube s ub stitut io n guidebook is th e most up- to-d ate a vai lable in th e el ectronic industry. In the early 60's Sylvania published a Tube Manual with a back section devoted to basing diagram references. 00 Tube substitution is difficult without special books on it. Literature Essential Characteristics, GE 1973. 6Y7G. Levi. The new tube has a picture area of 162 square inches, with the same brightness and definition as the 15 -inch tube. The tube is rated for 1250 PIV, 375 mA. hum is reduced to inaudible levels by DC operation of all preamp tube filaments Radio Receiver Tube Placement Guide The book that shows you exactly where to replace each tube in 5500 radio receiver models. Highly recommended for the Shindoh 300B amplifier. 2 A. The 6X5GT is a standard HT rectifier for low power AC mains driven The picture shows the two anodes stacked vertically on the common cathode tube. This GE 6X5GT rectifier tube has a short Frank's Electron tube Pages 1 year ! With almost 1000 datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000! 2000-03-04 1000 data sheets 2000-04-24 Introducing short data. Various brands. 6kd6 35. SUPPLY HOUSE. 5 ohm and 2200 ohm resistors may be omitted, in fact later models did omit these parts. We reserve the right to substitute any of these tubes with one of equal value based on availability. Chances are we have it, but it hasn't been listed yet. tube locating key and placement: intype tube function, location and circuit cludes fuse type, protected. 6Y6GT. *Various brands* - We supply our choice. OC3 $5. NOW I CAN SET-UP ADS, banners or even A WEB PAGE FOR YOU ON THE INTERNET - HERE'S HOW. 6Y6G lain lan. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for It is possible to substitute a 0C3 gas VR tube bypassed by a 47K 1 watt resistor in place of the 6L6-GB tube shown, you may want to try it both ways. 6km6 10. 5931/5U4WG You searched for: Lowtechelec! Discover the unique items that Lowtechelec creates. Description. THE WORLD'S. 6Y6G. Capacitors, Toroid Cores, Resistors, coils and ham radio and CB radio parts tube. Tone controls you can leave as is or tweak. 95 Down. hx = Hexode Unit. You can view 34 of the 112 pages in the full issue and the advertisments. pdf (565224 bytes) 6X5GT Hytron rr TEST DATA FOR ELECTRON TUBE TEST SETS TV-7/U, TV-7A/U, TV-7B/U, AND TV-7 D/U 1. Admiral TVs of the 1940s were well designed and popular. Designed for use with the Multi-Elmac AF-67 Trans-Citer or a variety of other applications. It has a ruggedised design and was made to have a long service life with a lack of microphony courtesy of the electrode cage's torsional rigidity. SE88CC-TFK E88CC Telefunken Gold-Pins - NOS. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer and industrial electronics; today only a few types are still used in specialized applications. 6kl8 3. Uses 1 - 5U4G and 1 - 6X5GT tube. Quantity *. PICTURE TUBE INTERCHANGEABILITY GUIDE The new guide provides the most up-to-date picture tube replacement information and reflects Sylvania's continuing program to streamline the Silver Screen 85 Line. I used 105 V from a VR tube at first, later the all-in-one supply described above, which proved very convenient. Oct 06, 2015 · In converting this model to BR, it is necessary to substitute the. Yet, it seems certain today that the new and revolutionary Transistor will supplant our present vacuum tube in many instances. Price: $29. Size, 11 1/4" wide, 7" high, 8 1/2" deep. It will also be less voltage drop than a 5Y3, but more voltage drop than a 5V4. This base reference gives a quick way to find which tube used the same pin connections. sylvania vt-197-a 5y3gt Is Similar To: Tested 10-60 Tube Precision 6kd6 Sylvania (18. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Power-supply shown. AF4K's VT TUBE EQUIVALENT CHART. Its development is so recent that it is difficult This is only a preview of the November 2009 issue of Silicon Chip. There is a popular Chinese tube called the 6Z4. How do I know? Tube Data Sheet Locator. One of the biggest differences that I have noted is when a larger bottle tube is substituted for a smaller/regular bottle tube. 6X5GT might be OK, but you'd probably be better off with couple of silicon diodes like 1N4007's which can be had for pennies, plus a dropping resistor to tame the B+. They are suitable for frequencies up to 18 MHz (approx. 45. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation This banner text can have markup. You have a tube type 6U8A in a receiver mixer and you do not have a Ken's Electronics, (Wholesale & Retail Electronic Parts) Kalamazoo, Michigan Please click CONTACT button above and read answers to Frequently Asked Questions before Emailing or telephoning with orders or questions. Six available (five Miniwatt, one Mullard). 12: $10 each: 6n6C = 6V6GT Please enter the tube number: This database contains data on thousands of tubes. CASH NET 399. Single Ended Class A 6V6 6J5 Valve (Vacuum Tube) Amplifier Circuit. 6ks6/6bn6 3. However it needs 300V to fire up. ECC Mullard valve (6J6). 6kt6 3. POWER SUPPLY—The power supply uses a 6X5GT full rectifier tube with its D. pdf (37743 bytes) 6H5 Raytheon ti 6H5. SPL802 = PL802T Transistorised TUBE VALVE Substitute for PL802 * NOS & BNIB * AMECO PCL-P SHORTWAVE Preamp Tube Set - $50. Buy the electron tube 6X5/6X5GT ULTRON online on Electols at best price for immediate delivery. The Tube Shop - Supplier of Vacuum Tubes THE TUBE SHOP 6X5GT $6. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer electronics. The listing of a certain tube type as a substitute for another one does not neces- sarily mean the reverse is true. c. 225 amps) and the base (which is the 12GQ type). Store Hours Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm Central Time : SND Tube Sales . 6kd8 3. The JAN Bendix 6754 tube is one of the famed "Red Bank" tubes, and is one of most durable high quality full wave rectifier tubes available. This 5U4G tube is brand new NOS in original UK military box, and was made at the Thorn factory made in the 1950's We only have one piece in stock shown in the picture with"D" getter and brown base. 6X5GT GZ34 / 5AR4 EZ81 / 6CA4 EZ90 / 6X4 6202 12BH7 requires no circuit modification to substitute for a 12AU7, but the plate resistance is a little lower (5300 6c8g 6sn7 6sl7 Sub Ken Rad 6c8g Jan Ken-rad (20. 60cm hoch - - copywriterseg. JPG Next time you look for a tube using your favorite search engine, enter the type, space and the word pax. A compactron used in television sets to supply power to the anode of the picture tube. Equivalent to the 6SA7. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-lled tubes, or discharge tubes. 6X5GT has a filament (heater) inside a cathode. pdf ( 111793  New NOS electron receiving tubes for antique radios are available from Ken's pin miniature electrically equal to 6X5GT; could substitute by building Octal Plug   Tube Amp Doctor GmbH. The damping factor control ( a dual 1 ohm 5 watt part which is hard to find) and the adjacent . There are numerous occasions when a picture-tube substitute is neces¬ sary: 003 WTT132 OA4G WT30I 83 WTT135 5U4G- WT308 6X5GT HY145 HY115  Results 1 - 24 of 13911 6X5GT/CV574 KB/FE STC BRIMAR UK NOS VALVE/TUBE. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Netty Electronics is a small electronics supply company that sells Transistors, ICs. 20 or subscribe for access to the latest issues. The 6C5S / 6U5C double anode kenotron is designed for a. TUNG-SOL 6X5GT/G. This banner text can have markup. One glance at the small picture tube and the 13 tuning pushbuttons (including Channel 1) tells you that this is no ordinary TV. pdf (228145 bytes) 6X5GT : Sylvania rr 6J7GT. vacuum tubes, radio tubes, television tubes, transmitting tubes, transmitter tubes, communication receiver tubes, electronic tubes, half price tubes, cheap tubes Hallicrafters Model 505 (T-54) Television (1948) A striking early television, Hallicrafter's model 505 is unusual in several ways. Audio Asylum - Questions about tubes and gear that glows. pdf (54304 bytes) 6X5GT: 6J7GT. com It is a direct replacement for the Chinese 6N3 and Soviet 6N3P. No trick here but just some really helpful advice I did not know before working on a particular Philco radio I went to war with. The buyer is responsible for all taxes, tariffs or duty fees. It receives the standard broadcast band and two short wave bands, and has "automatic" or push-button tuning and the Zenith RadiOrgan tone control system. You have a tube type 6U8A in a receiver mixer and you do not have a Vacuum Tubes: Transmitting & Receiving: P/N starting with "6", page 5. Maker varies depending on current stock. NOS Russian tube rectifier 5U4C. That will bring us up as one of the 1st pages instead of 1000th or something. Based on information on the interweb about the EZ35 / 6XGT  Replacement transformers are difficult to locate, and replacing damaged power Transformer Vacuum Tube Rectifiers and Transformer Heat Damage. 6Y6. The word “similar” is closer to the original tube (eg EF86), compared to “similarities” section, immediately below. Siberian-shop : Reflektor (Saratov city) - High-End tubes Manuals & Books Magic Eye tubes Capacitors Chips \ ICs \ CPUs Nixie Sockets Numitron tubes Vintage electronic Rare\vintage tubes Power tubes Dekatron Counting tubes HAM Radio power tubes Tungsram tubes Tesla tubes RFT tubes POLAM tubes TALAM\UNITRA tubes wholesale offers Sale! nixie clock kit, nixie clocks, tubes television, tubes for audio valves: e80cc 6085 cv5989 gold pinned triode The E80CC is a special quality double triode introduced by Mullard in 1957. The development of the cathode-ray tube (CRT) enabled all-electronic television, with much larger and V21, 6X5GT, Low-V. They produce a similar voltage drop to 5U4 rectifiers but require only 2 amps of heater/filament current from the power transformer as opposed to 3 amps for a 5U4. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation If you are looking for a RADIO OR TV tube that's not listed, ask us. the E55L, Early UX5 based version of octal type 6X5GT, and loctal 7Y4, and 7-pin   Tube 6X5GT or Röhre 6X5GT ID3260, Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier, Octal (Int. Tube substitution is difficult without special books on it. pdf (199311 bytes) 6X5GT Brimar rr 6X5G. The old one actually was a 6X5/GT/G according to its markings. From left to right the tube numbers are: 12AX7. I've used silicon spray as a substitute to the poor quality graphite we get these days in locks with great success. Findchips Pro brings fragmented sources of data together into a single platform and delivers accurate and contextual answers to your most strategic questions. com 2007 - 6sn7 datasheet. 5 watts. p = Pentode Unit. The starting volatge is 425 volts from a diode rectifier and each tube’s specs drop from there. 10" It appears to be all original. The output of a centre tapped transformer would be applied to the anodes, the rating given is 325-0-325, the common cathode would be the output for the rectified voltage. The basic difference between the two amps is that the power supply of the RS-100 is obviously crammed in one chassis, with the 6X5GT rectifier tube and the filter inductance. Schuhe Trekking Bergsteigen Wandern Kayland Cross Mountain GTX Anthrazit,Alpinestars Paragon Plus Knee Pads - Mountain Bike Leg Protection MTB PAIR,Milka Stoffhase Plüschhase XXL ca. 5% similar) I tested this on my fully calibrated tv-7 and the results were super strong at where minimum good is a Sylvania 1275 nos vacuum tube. The heater is 6. Do you like to build with those old metal tubes from the 1940-1955 era? Are you repairing an old rig with VT tubes in it and wondering what to use as a substitute? Look no farther! You have found the list! VT Cross-Reference Chart SUPREME MODEL 504-3 TUBE TESTER GENERAL DESCRIPTION The SUPREME Model 504 -B a complete tube battery and set tester for checking the static condition Of radio receivers and parts as a. Check Out Our New "Interesting Tube Facts" Down Below. Whether the 6x5GT fixed that problem or not, i don't know, the antique radio forum has that answer. Now if you want a little less power and an earlier breakup you can have it! The JJ EL844 is an entirely new tube that dissipates 9 watts and is a drop in replacement for EL84's in most all amps. ). 6kn6 12. JPG 6X5_G&E. C. $ 30. A power output vacuum pentode. Every item you buy from us must satisfy in every way -or we want you to 6x5gt brimar ( ez-35 ) 49,70 6x5gt – 6u5c ussr nos ( ez-35 ) 22,50 6x5gt tungsol 59,70 35z5-gt hitachi 46,70 35z5gt ge 49,30 5z4 gt mullard 52,80 5z4 p dared pro ( 5v4 - gz34 substitute ) 5y3gt zaerix 42,90 5u4 g8 ates 49,70 5r4gy ( 807 ) ultron 46,70 12AX7 Tube Set We match transconductance and plate current. 6 volts, 0. Excellent Sub for 6X5GT Rectifier. Found 85 records in Search of Tubes Asylum. THE TUNG-SOL 6X5 AND 6X5GT/G ARE DESIGNED FOR SERVICE IN STORAGE BATTERY TUBE VOLTAGE DROP. Try out some of the most popular 12AX7s available at a great price and find the ones you like best. Full wave rectifier, octal base, similar specs. The unit costs $7 (unused), and has a transformer sized 2-1/2 x 3 x 3 inches, in a hermetic case, with the following ratings: dual 110 and 220V primary, 6. 6X4 Information and subs (The Best sounding 6X4 are Mullard, GEC, Brimar, Tungsol, RCA, Raytheon, GE) (6X4: 1250 PIV, 70ma max output, 6X4=miniature version of 6X5GT) (6X4: Filament 6. Thanks for sending me photos. Substitutes: 6X5GT, 6X5GTA, 6X5WGT. This page, part one of two parts, lists all of the European CV type military tube codes, with their corresponding European standard type number and, where applicable, the USA tube type number for the same tube or nearest equivalent. 6kn8 15. I have stocks of many Russian 6A7 heptode tube. 9 A, These are USED tubes, not in original boxes. 23 Aug 2018 Hi I have two box L5 / G5 which uses the 6U5C tube for rectification in the P/S. Uses were in domestic radio and audio equipment. 6A7 / 6SA7 tubes are pentagrid converters designed to minimize frequency drift. Nov 06, 2019 · The 6SH7 vacuum tube is a metal type used as RF amplifiers in high-frequency, wide-band applications and as a limiter tube in FM equipment. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6H31 : Tesla H 6H31. Increasing the cathode bias resistor is often necessary. Please note all valves I sell are Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame. Tube 6X5GT or Röhre 6X5GT ID3260, Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier, Octal (Int. Inside there is a tube diagram. hp = Heptode Unit. 7A8 i 2. 1 pair 2 tubes 6c8g jan Ken-rad itm 1pc-gold-plated-6f8g-6c8g-to-6sn7-6sl7-tube-converter-adapter- 02?hash item2ec6e0f77a:g:t2iaaoswpcvvqixt Siberian-shop : Reflektor (Saratov city) - High-End tubes Manuals & Books Magic Eye tubes Capacitors Chips \ ICs \ CPUs Nixie Sockets Numitron tubes Vintage electronic Rare\vintage tubes Power tubes Dekatron Counting tubes HAM Radio power tubes Tungsram tubes Tesla tubes RFT tubes POLAM tubes TALAM\UNITRA tubes wholesale offers Sale! nixie clock kit, nixie clocks, tubes television, tubes for Need tube replacement for 6X5GT - Will 6V6gt or 35Z5GT Work? I have these two types of tubes and I'm wondering if either of them will work to replace my blown 6X5GT. 43) Is a 6X4 the identical equivalent of the 6X4 WA in terms of values? If so, which NOS 6X4 or NOS 6X4 WA are the best rectifiers? Some of these were never used, the rest hardly used,and if used they were used for less then 30-40 hours per tube (1) Vintage 1960's single 7199 Black Plate Tube branded Dynaco made by RCA These 7199 tubes are getting hard to find Tested very strong with a calibrated B&K tube tester These tubes have most quiet, low noise distinct sonic The tube used as the example is the 6SJ7, but any sharp-cutoff pentode will do, such as the miniature 6AU6. less specified otherwise all prices, including bulk offers eg 4 pieces @ GBP50, are for one tube. 6V6GT, 6V6GT, 6AU6 and 6X5GT. Jan 27, 2005 · It is possible to substitute a 0C3 gas VR tube bypassed by a 47K 1 watt resistor in place of the 6L6-GB tube shown, you may want to try it both ways. Shop our great selection of 6AN8 tubes now. Which is "better" depends on your preference and which tube you have on hand. 19T8 6BC7 6V3 Vacuum tube numbering schemes, List of vacuum tubes. € 149. Shows common trouble symptoms and lists tubes whose failure may Erie Resistor Corp. Equivalents 5Z4GT. 6km8 3. Western Electric classic AF - RF sharp cut-off pentode valve. Recap and add a fuse. Identical to 6AX5GT = 6AX5. The output of this small amplifier in which a 6V6GT output pentode is connected as triode is about 4. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original 6X5. A good tube will strike within the limits given in the settings data. these models will use and a_brown My Airline 8504 used a similar tube compliment 6X4 rectifier, 12AX7 preamp, 6AU6 Trem, 12AX7 PI, 6v6 output power, albeit it was a PP rather than an SE. 41. Buy Vintage Sound & Vision Parts & Accessories and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items USED-IN-BOX 6CM5 VACUUM tube radio TV valve, TESTED - $8. Drop-in Replacement for 6X5. Sylvania 6X4 / 6X4W / 6X4WA Tungsol 6X5 metal can 6X5G European and USA 5852=6X5GT Bendix CV574=6X5GTY Brimar / STC UK 6X5GT US Brands  25 Jan 2014 With it's moderate 0. 1: 5852 direct substitute for 6X5GT I tried 3 different 6x5gt to make sure it wasn't a tube problem so I am sure Buy the electron tube 6X5/6X5GT ULTRON online on Electols at best price for immediate delivery. WD40 (and CRC equivalent) is a big dirt accumulator and it gives off a bit of a smell too. 5R4 rectifiers (any suffix, GY, GA, GB, GYB, etc) are pin compatible with 5Y3, 5U4, 5V4 and 5AR4/GZ34 rectifiers. 6X5GT 5YE 6V6G EK2GT EK2GT 6X5GT 6X5GT 6X5GT 2A5 Model AR CN CG AUTO AL Auto Sets (FA DA EE HE) AM-AL- AJ-AK OZ-PZ OZ-PZ VARIOUS In converäng this model to BR, it is necessary to substitute the present power transformer with type PT 291, also an additional valve socket must be fitted into the chassis between the present 32L7GT 6x5gt 6x5gt 6x5gt 6x5gt 6x5wgt 6x5wgt 6x8 6x8 6x8 6x8 6y5 6y5 6y5 6y5 6y6g 6y6g 6y6ga 6y6ga 6y6ga 6y6ga 6y6gt 6y6gt 6y7g 6y7g 6y7g 6y7g 6y7g 6y7g 6z10 electron Tube Data sheets kindly provided by tube enthusiast's. complete satisfaction. This vintage Russian 5U4C (5Ц4С in Cyrillic script) rectifier is a 5Z4 equivalent. 6kd6 used 15. Fantastictubes. The tubes say Silvertone on them. This system is very descriptive of what type of device (triode, diode, pentode etc. In stock. LOW EVERYDAY PRICES! OUR PRICES IN BOLD PRINT The dealer net info comes from catalogs like Newark, Allied, Richardson, MCM , CEI etc. No Image Available. Please read the “similarities” section, below. 6Z4 (Chinese) This is where things get very confusing. Taking the Lampizator Big 6 to the Next Level I have owned the Lampizator Big 6 (B6) for about 4 months and can honestly say this unit is first rate. _____ Until the JJ EL844 came on the scene in 2011 there really were no substitute tubes for EL84 / 6BQ5 tubes. Normally in single ended output stages for radio-grams and tape recorders. ALWAYs check the bias and idle power of the tube with the new rectifier to be certain that it is running within spec. The 6C5S / 6U5C double anode kenotron are enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with an octal base and an indirectly heated oxide-coated cathode. The 6X5GT is a standard HT rectifier for low power AC mains driven equipment. , developed a new display carton for its type be responsible for each type of trouble. Each tube layout is illustrated by a clear, accurate diagram. 5840 UHF Pentode / EF732 (5840=subminiature) (The 5840 is the special quality version of the EF732 pentode. DO NOT rotate the BIAS control past the point at which the tube strikes as this may cause excessive grid current to flow and may permanently damage the tube. (10. ) it is applied to, as well as the heater/filament type and the base type (octal, noval, etc. our 39th year of service. Every tube is marked with Gm value (3700 minimum) from our Hickock 600A, we will match up similar tubes for pairs at no charge if possible. It enables organizations to make the right engineering or sourcing decision--every time. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Power-supply shown. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. It is a high impedance device probably used at as an IF amplifier with a tuned anode circuit at a frequency of 10. MANN-FILTER Paket + Presto Klima-Reiniger für Citroën Berlingo MF Xsara Break N2,Tischgestell Tischfuß Tisch Kufen Tischbeine Rohstahl 2 Stück 100/20mm stahlrahm,Öl Luft Kabine Pollenfilter + 4x Zündkerzen Service Kit A9/9383 - - copywriterseg. The Zenith model 7S530 (7-S-530, 1941 model year) is a tabletop 7-tube AC superhet circuit radio. Admiral Model 24C15 Television (1948) This Admiral model 24C15 TV from 1948 has a 12-inch picture tube. pdf (111793 bytes) (fr) 6X5GT : Tung-Sol rr 6X5GT. Co mb ines i n one volu me the con tent of th e bas ic book and suppleme nt s I thro ugh IV. I received an NOS 6Z4/84 tube I will use. Petite for a console television, it's only 34 inches high and 18 inches wide. 50 You May Substitute One Component In Any of the Above "Add -On" Stereo Systems. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. The screen supply can be fixed-voltage. The more of a voltage drop (DCV Drop) you have the more sag or compression you will have. I have an old Silvertone amp, a 1391 and one of the three tubes has gone bad. The ECL86 was preceded by the ECL82. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Message me if you want more than one, so i can send you an offer. Will work in tube radios that use the 6X5 tube. Jun 02, 2013 · Replace Rectifier Tube with Solid State Diodes. com Weber Copper Cap Rectifiers are solid state rectifier replacement devices for use in place of vintage tube rectifiers. The following should be direct substitutions. Both tubes, originally used in tube car radios, are working hard at full 6X5GT General Electric rr 6X5GT. A 5Y3 requires a separate filament winding. The first numeric character indicated the filament/heater power rating, the second alphabetic character was a code for the function, and the last 2 digits were sequentially assigned, beginning with 21 This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, A few special-quality tubes did not have a standard equivalent, e. 3% similar) Made by Sylvania, type 6kd6 vacuum tube as pictured. 3V @ 600ma in most tube data listings, but in "Tube Lore" ma rating listed at 450ma) (6202 is a 6X4 derated to 50ma max output, rated to 60,000 ft. In high -power amplification, transmission, and many other instances the vacuum tube is likely to be dominant for many years to come. When shopping it should be very obvious which one is which is the American version is an old 6 pin tube and is quite Tube 6X4 or Röhre 6X4 ID3258, Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier, Miniatur-7-Pin-Base B7G, USA 1940 and Power-supply shown. pdf (65514 bytes) (de) 6X5G: 6X5G. Weight, 26 lbs. S$ 26. All our tubes are hand tested before they are shipped out to you. In recent months, Sylvania has announced the addition of over 60 new picture tube types --all available from your Sylvaniadistributor. 1: Also Robert, Steve Oda, Chris Spafford, etc. pdf (547400 bytes) (cs) 6H4GT Tung-Sol d 6H4GT. Get one! I have the drawn on the following I-177 related publications as the basis for this project: NOTE: If the pointer cannot be brought down to 100 micromhos by adjusting the potentiometer R with the GAS NO. Mar 26, 2016 · The 6X5GT is a standard HT rectifier for low power AC mains driven equipment. 1 4AV6 4BN6 4BZ6 12BZ6 4CB6 4CS6 12CS6 Every used tube was tested twice, all marginal, weak or questionable tubes were thrown out, these are all excellent used tubes. 27) Posted by Fiddler on 2002-08-19, 04:28:28 (64. 00 Title: 6X5 6X6G 6X5GT Author: Tung-Sol Subject: JA-FP-2005-11-06 Created Date: 11/6/2005 11:46:56 AM Tube Data Sheet Locator. Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 6sj7. Outer Front Cover; Contents; Publisher's Letter: Councils' e-waste ban will discourage recycling; Feature: A Look At The MacBook 2010 by Kevin Poulter ; Feature: Digital TV: Where To From Here? by Alan Hughes This is a vintage Silvertone model 1432 guitar amplifier. ARC-SISA, RC-SIBH using radio chassis type 5Al0 made it neccs-i A b|3Ck_white Wire hm wen used as a 5ub_ Under Alignment Procedure, Critical _Lead >S2lrye_t0 make the following production sub-Smm im. It ships with a NOS 6X5GT rectifier and a NOS 6G6G pentode output tube. This is a suitable replacement for any 6X5GT / EZ35 tube type. Oct 04, 2018 · Output tube has no cap either. The ECL86 was one of the last triode plus output pentode valves designed and was released to the market in 1962. The 6X5 tubes are well known for shorting internally and causing power transformers to burn themselves up. Another thing i forgot, on old Zeniths, the 6x5 rectifier tube is know to go bad, when they go bad, they short, and it blows the power transformer. current rectification. 75. Many industrial, military or otherwise professional tubes were also produced. Always refer to the left- hand column for the original type number. Such as replacing the 6X5gt with a 6X5g (coke bottle). pdf (25311 bytes) 6H4GT NU d 6H4GT. It is a 55 watt tube amp and it is from the 1960's I believe. Saves time - eliminates risky hit -and -miss methods, es- List of vacuum tubes. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation new tube is a developmental model only. actually selecting a substitute tube, the charac- teristics of the 6X5GT/G. For 6X5GT cathode supplies DC from the tube. 24 volt tap on filament transformer for control or bias supply. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Abstract: 6sn7 tube high accuracy riaa 6CG7 balanced riaa 6FQ7 6SN7 LM317AT professional riaa filter Datasheet 6SN7 Text: directly substitute a 6FQ7/6CG7 miniature triode or 6SN7 octal triode in place of the MOSFETs if a tube. Th e com-posite tube s ubstitu tion g uid eboo k co n-tain s 5 100 receiving tube s ub sti tu tions; 325 American-E uropea n tub e s ub st itu- Positive Feedback ISSUE 76 november/december 2014 . Comes with one of each of the following. 3v at 0. Results 1 - 48 of 351 Tubes for all needs -- audio, jukebox, radio, HAM, CB, military, and guitar. They are intended for service as combined oscillators and mixers in AC, storage battery, and AC/DC operated superheterodynes. Abstract: 12SJ7 6SJ7-12SJ7 6sj7 triode general electric Text: TUBES 6SJ7-12SJ7 PENTODE FOR AF AND RF AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS = DESCRIPTION AND RATING = 6SJ7 12SJ7 ET-T1400 Page 1 11-56 The 6SJ7 is a metal sharp-cutoff pentode designed for use as a biased detector or high-gain amplifier. AMECO PCL-P Shortwave Preamp Tube Set Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: AMECO Model: PCL-P Shortwave preamp Description: Primo tube set (see tube list below) Amp Bias Type: not applicable Tube Quantity in ( ) Rectifier/regulator Tubes: none Osc/Driver Tubes: 6CW4/6DS4 (2) Final Output: none Total Tubes in this set: 2 We have selected the receiver Since 1996, Space-Tech Lab. The picture shows the common cathode tube and the anode construction. The design proved popular in low cost stereo systems. Covers receivers Irons 1938 to 1947. This slow-rise, indirectly-heated rectifier should be considered an upgrade for a 5Y3 tube in most circuits, and will drop slightly less voltage. 37 CV449 85A2 English Electric New Old Stock Valve Tube 1pc A13. Tubes in the "Tube" column are directly replaceable with tubes in the "Replacement" column. (example: PCL83 pax). Termination and Dummy Aerial Pa type TPIA. It appears to be an updated version of the EF72. 2000-05-10 Appendix of Přehled Elektronek 1956 translated to English. 6x6gt Ken-rad 6x5gt Electron Tube (28. See 'vademecum' pages. ) (6203 has 9 pins, 6X4 has 7 pins, 6203 has 900ma Filament Our 6X4 / 6X5 / 5852 Rectifier Tubes are suitable replacements, they have a reliable response. 157. By having this information on a chart you can choose a rectifier tube that will best suit your playing style. 6A heater current this tube is perfect for use in preamps when space is restricted and only small power Tung-Sol 6X5GT:. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer and industrial electronics; today only a few types are still used in specialized applications. 7 MHz. 6ke8 3. pdf (54304 bytes) 6X5GT : RCA (RC30) rr 6V6. This listing includes many hard to find tubes from manufacturers like Philips, GE, Sylanvia, Raytheon, and more. They are always welcome! 6X5GT_RCA. Only $39. S6X5GT 6X5GT (=EZ35, CV574) rectifer tube. tube tester and the MX-949 series adapter. It features high transconductance with low grid-plate capacitance. Reproducing Old Ham Gear; Hi, A good transformer for an Ameco AT-1 sized transmitter can be found in the military "carrier monitor" sold by fairradio. My Favorite Tubes and Their Substitutes by Robert H. 6kr8 3. 5Z3. not receive the notification. Extra charge for specific brand selection; call for choice of availability, pricing, and for matching pairs. output filtered by the reactor LG and the dual 10 mfd. It not only lubricates but also flushes out the dark gunky build-up that locks get over time. 00: A109: A109: Call/Email: A660: A660: Call/Email Footers/ Cones / Spikes / Bases / Various New & NOS Tubes The tube is also a substitute for the Chinese 6n3 tube. New and NOS tubes from various manufacturers. Despite competition from younger, smaller upstarts, the 6SN7GT was widely designed into consumer, industrial, and military equipment throughout the 1950s, and as a replacement tube was extensively manufactured in America until the end of its tube industry in the mid-1980s. SKU: Tubes: Price: A0897: A0897: 85. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer electronics. the black Wire (pm 1 ,O speaker) Dress, the following additions should be madei Stllntlnrr In thelfutnre. d = Diode Unit. It is labeled a 6X5GT and I'm wondering if there is a suitable replacement tube that my be readily available. Then find the substitute in the right-hand column. Clickable types in the 'Tube type List'. 7A7. One tube, circa 19, Condition used tube silk screening please refer to photos acid etched designation Sylvania's emblem 6kd6 date code tested on precision tube checker meter range from bad Phone(posted on February 5th, 2015) C11. Each model emulates the forward conduction resistance curve of the tube type it replaces and also has linear in-rush current limiting to simulate the warm-up of a tube rectifier, however, it is in the 1 to 2 second range, rather than the 7 to 9 seconds of a typical rectifier tube. This is an excellent way to save significant $$ over the 6922 6DJ8 E88CC ECC88 varieties as well as opening up lots of tube rolling opportunities. Similar to EL36, and usually a substitute. 9% similar) Please note - we do not accept returns from customers who decide they don't like the subjective sound of a tube. Price is for a Single Tube. a substitute . rectifier (For a description of routine capacitor replacement, see the article Replacing Capacitors in Old Radios. It makes things very easy if you have four DMM's for the various measurements. g. However the manual states" this tube (the 5AR4) may be replaced with the 5Y3 rectifier tube; but note, a difference in performance may be heard, the 5AR4 performs better than the 5Y3 when operating voltage is low". 6kt8 3. , Erie, Pa. 1V. 6X5 6X5GT/G. This tube is very rare, and very special, because it implements an indirectly heated cathode, not connected to the filament. Voltage drop: 22V at Maximum Current: 70ma. com. SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI-UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit. Sylvania Tube Substitution Manual new & remastered 3 RCA 6X5GT tubes NOS NIB NEW USA black plates silver label clear top MATCHED. Multiple purchase discounts apply, except where the 'best offer' option is used. 00: A40P: A40P OCTAL BASED ARC LAMP: Call/Email: A59RX: A59RX PHOTO TUBE: 45. The ambiance field, depth etc is greatly enhanced with the bigger bottles. pdf (44374 bytes) 6H6 RCA dd The Tube Shop - Supplier of Vacuum Tubes. many other types Of electronic appara t us. This is my first successful vacuum tube project. It is a drop in replacement for the Western Electric 412A. For full access, purchase the issue for $8. In addition, when changing to a higher output rectifier in a "self biasing" (aka "cathode biased" amp, eg, Champ and others) never assume that the power tube(s) is/are safe. Tube Interchangability Reference. SIMILAR “similar to EF86” does not mean equivalent. LARGEST ELECTRONIC. 00 *. 64. com as car-mon-87. A 6X5 can use the same winding as other tubes in a radio. 6x5gt tube substitute

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