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Project Description

Paperless is a state-of-the-art electronic sample collection system that allows doping control officers (DCOs) to seamlessly collect and transmit completed test mission data to their test management databases. Currently used by anti-doping organizations (ADOs) and sample collection entities around the world, the Paperless™ provides improved efficiencies and benefits in the following areas:

  • Cost Savings – Sample collection paperwork printing and shipping fees are significantly reduced.
  • Data Entry Reduction – Tedious and time consuming entry of test mission data, both in the field and office, is eliminated through integration with ADOs internal test management databases.
  • Accuracy – Custom business logic and functionality ensures that all of the required documentation is captured in a highly efficient and accurate manner.
  • Real-Time Data Transfer – Reliance on mail couriers is eliminated with the electronic submission of data to ADOs and laboratories minutes after the mission is completed.
  • User Experience – DCOs, athletes, and laboratories get a true paperless experience. DCOs no longer have to search for paper forms; athletes receive their electronic doping control form (eDCF) in a convenient email; and laboratories receive an electronic data package ready for automatic upload into their database.
  • Athlete Engagement – Engage and educate athletes through customized content and messaging in the eDCF email.