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Project Description


Chronos is designed to help anti-doping organizations expedite the identification, sharing, and evaluation of biological data contained in an athlete’s longitudinal profile and make decisions on proceeding with further testing, analysis, or results case management. In addition, Chronos may help with the identification of rising athletes by utilizing athletic performance data.  This tool may integrate with any database currently being used by an organization to capture the raw data from sample collections, and is a complementary tool to the current WADA Athlete Biological Passport software in ADAMS.

Chronos is an interactive application that allows users to track, review, plot, and analyze data from both urine and blood sample collections, as well as athletic performance data. With a simple point and- click, Chronos can provide detailed sample collection information, including athlete timelines, summary tables with statistical function, and searchable athlete monitoring lists, which allows for the tracking of relevant internal information and ongoing commentary to benefit future test planning and results case management.