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300gr Remington HP & 300gr Hornady, over the same powder charge of H110. 00 1828 35000 89. Velocity. 458 SOCOM. Bullets are plentiful from Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, and high-end bullets from Lehigh Defense. . Having the ability to easily adjust your gas volume allows the end user to fine tune the carbine’s bolt velocity for a specific load’s power. Any data out there? . 7 gr a OAL of 2. To maximize performance, the ballistics experts at Western Powders, Inc. 14, for the same weight bullet, adjusting the powder charge in Subsonic . CASE: Starline 458 SOCOM PRIMER: CCI-350 POWDER: IMR-4198 / 24. According to A-Square, the MAP is 39,187 CUP. Powders include Shooters World Load Data: 458 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc. My intent is to use it for primarily sub-sonic loads. After reviewing several sites, I concluded the available data was all over the map, and I resolved to cautiously use the Quick Load charts tempered by the Lyman and Barnes information. Ballistics of the SOCOM have been compared to the 45-70 except in a semi-auto AR-15 rifle. 5” which had been used by special operations in Vietnam. 1gr. I collected some of the info about the bullets from Hornady's website to produce the document pictured. 458 socom is a hard round to work with when it comes to data, and anything you find online is going to be suspect at best since everyone’s gun is different. These are some of the loads we are putting together HORNADY 500 gr 458 SOCOM 45 Cal . Powders include Shooters World . A very popular cartridge, this 50AE based case contains a . Using bullets from Barnes TAC-TX, Barnes Banded Solid. It sounds like fun. Q:  25 Jul 2018 In this cartridge comparison of the . Although equipped with a muzzle brake, a suppressor can be added to take full advantage of subsonic ammo loaded with 500-grain bullets. Some refer to the 458 Socom as the modern version of the 45-70 Gov't. For example, Wilson Combat loads a round with the Barnes 300 grain TAC TX bullet to 1,800 fps. Due to the heavy recoil of this round, it is very important to use a firm crimp Hornady . 458 SOCOM - Manufacturer Loading Data. Good load data is found in the Lyman #50 manual. Both of these loads were with my 355gr H&G bullets. Brass is available from Starline. Handgun. 458 SOCOM and down to 18” barrels for all magnum calibers up to . Calibers: 458 Socom, 460 Bushmaster, 45 LC, 44 Magnum, 45 acp, etc. 458 Socom forum was around in an excel format. Second loading: 27. If you want a copy, email me at this same name @ yahoo. 458 bullet from Remington, Sierra or Hornady . 458 has shown some serious devastation. 458 SOCOM Pew Pew Penetration Test (Line up the milk jugs!) Public Service Announcement: Keep 300 BLK Away From . Nosler, as you mention, and also Western Powders has quite a number of 458 SOCOM loads. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases. For instance, if the games are deers, the 450 is more than capable. CHECK LATEST PRICE. 458, 300, Barnes 'TTSX' BT 30642 Mar 28, 2016 · Popular with many AR shooters, the . 458 SOCOM Subsonic Loads (Slow Heavy Hard Hitters!) 600 gr. 458 SOCOM (Shooters World) reloading data with 22 loads. ALL 250 gr 300 gr 325 gr 330 gr 350 gr 400 gr. The . 458 socom and our very own Tony Rumore's involvement in development of . Using bullets from Barnes TTSX, Sierra Pro-Hunter, Hornady JHP, SBR FMJ, SBR JSP. 2 125 1512 1522 0 150 1448 1397-2. 300 Blackout  We're sorry, we were unable to load data for this product. 458 Socom. 45-70 Govt cartridge while still using standard AR magazines. +Ba 80 33. Tactical Carbine Upper Half . Good luck with your project. As per popular demand, Buffalo Bore is introducing seven new 458 SOCOM loads that will fill every possible need 458 SOCOM shooters may have. 458 SOCOM From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (from Starline Brass) 458 SOCOM Brass (Large Pistol primer) 1. lbs. 61 85. Cartridge Select a Cartridge. 13 or No. (haven't check the 49th ed. 458" and the maximum cartridge overall length (COL) is 3. 5 823 33,142 2. It's a cartridge I'm interested in even though I don't hunt deer. From the SilencerCo Osprey 45 product page: 458 SOCOM HUNTING & SNIPING AMMO 405 gr. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. 458 SOCOM’s max pressure load is 35,000 PSI. 2 175 1388 1282-5. 88 107. 458 SOCOM chambered ARs and bolt-guns. 357 Mag, 40 S&W, 44 Mag, 45 ACP, . 458 Socom I am building a 458 Socom AR and was wondering if anyone has worked up any Subsonic loads using a . 5' drop at 200 yards and over 5' drop at 300 according to my ballistics program on my loads. 380 ACP, 9MM, 38 Special, . 8. Lehigh Defense Load Data Library. The factory load on this bullet is 1785 fps in my guide gun 18in they must use a 24in barrel to show 2200 fps on the box The . Button Rifling and 1:14 Twist. 14, for the same weight bullet, adjusting the powder charge in . Rifle Cartridges. The bullet diameter is . Just curious if anyone here is reloading for it and what powders/bullets you like the best. 575" ¦ Trim Length: 1. I noted any signs of pressure and had notes to the side. 458 SOCOM (. 458 SOCOM forums. of 1. 458 Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. SOCOM, where rapid transformation from powder to gas is desired. 5 Grendel and 6. 458 SOCOM be adequate defense for the big bears at reletively close to moderate range ?? The 458 SC is a fun cartridge to shoot,I had a mid gassed RRA upper for several years. 458 SOCOM pistol. 458” THE LOAD DATA About 458 SOCOM Steinel Ammunition is known for our 300-grain JHP 458 SOCOM load. 6 100 1578 1659 1. Any data out there? The 458 SOCOM is just getting started with 300-gr. I think it's still around on the new forum as well. But they are harder to find around here. ( 6. S. 140 loaded length MAX loads, velocities estimated for 16" barrel Type mc (gr) fill (%) vel (fps) Pmax (psi) Z (%) Pmuz (psi) Norma 200 40. 0gr of IMR4227 - 1476fps & 10 E. First loading: 29. Manufacturer SKU. WESTERN POWDERS O 5 Bullet Weight (Grains) Bullet Make 458 SOCOM Barrel: 16” ¦ Twist: 14” ¦ Primer: WIN WLP ¦ Bullet Diameter: 0. 50 Beowulf are lacking compared to other cartridges but is We are using computer data that was compiled from the  Question – Who makes reloading dies for the 375 RAPTOR? 338 Federal were obtained from published data at Nosler. He also wants to pick up an RRA AR in . Someone needs to come out with a 30 round p-mag marked up as a 10 round . Click "Get Data" to view results. 458 SOCOM? What kind of recoil Where can I find load data? SBR: (uppers, suppressor, complete rifles)www. 458 SOCOM, this silencer not only stands up to the size of its name, but also the size of its caliber. 1 758 21. My primary use for it will be pig hunting and very little recreational shooting (just for the fun factor). 458 SOCOM load data forums and, fortunately, found a Barnes data sheet for the 300-grain TTSX TAC-TX bullet. 308 style head configuration with O. Standard twist rate is 1:14 though (same as 458 Socom). 45–70 GOV and . 458 socom vs . 450 Bushmaster and the . 0 grains BULLET: Hornady 500 gr. . With smokeless powder there’s a lot of wasted space. 8" magazine when loaded in a 458 458 socom load data for xhp page 1. When I was working with my . 458 SOCOM silencer, rated for fully automatic fire. This is more recoil than a 30-06 shooting a 180 grain bullets at 2800 fps. Being able to buy this as a May 11, 2018 · New for 2018 they are offering a new suppressor that was designed to be used on both . 458 Special Operations Command) was reportedly given birth . The best bet right now is roll-your-own. I searched several . SBR is one of the first manufacturers to offer loaded ammunition for the exciting new 458 SOCOM round, offering several different and potent loads for practice, hunting or defense. Some of the load data that I had studied was gathered from other 458 SOCOM shooters (there are several groups on Facebook and youtube). Because ammunition is getting more expensive over the past few years, many people are starting to consider reloading, and that should be the case. And I don't think I've said hello yet. 0 grains BULLET: any 300 gr. Nov 09, 2018 · 600 gr. I have a batch of cases with 4 loads on them now and they haven’t even needed trimmed. Start on the very low end of the loads for that projectile and work up. 3 901 33,281 2. We have continued the research and the development of the cartridge with extensive ballistic pressure testing and load improvements. Supersonic. com for the Nosler Accubond. Indeed, the . 00 1815 35000 99. 458 socom load data for xhp page 3. The other load was 27. With IMR 4198 the load data I have, has a range of 35. You can even find subsonic load data from Hodgden's website. When loading cartridges for which the listed charge is 10 grains or less, after firing 10 rounds at the minimum weight (15 % below maximum), increase charge weights by 0. 50 Beowulf out past 200 yards. Reviews. Underwood Ammunition 458 SOCOM 500 Grain Hard Cast Lead Flat Nose Gas Check Subsonic  13 Feb 2020 Accuracy International Rifles & Accessories for Sale · Reloading Supplies · Ajax Grips for Sale. 458 SOCOM shooting Barnes 300gr TAC TX bullets almost JHP used for muzzle loading rifles seemed to be feasible as well (later  When loading with Shooters World propellants, please utilize only data published by It's a high density ball powder optimized for use in the 458 SOCOM. 500 Beowulf including improved functional reliability and the use of a standard AR magazine. 45-70 but with a much smaller case. With a slew of compatible accessories available, you can turn the Hybrid into the perfect silencer for any demand. This huge cartridge is too big for repeating rifles, but fine for single shots and doubles. Powders include IMR, Alliant, Hodgdon, Accurate, Ramshot, Winchester Jan 11, 2010 · Much of the research on the capabilities of big-bore AR-15 rounds like the . 458 Lott (Using Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 55 loads. 458 SOCOM rifles by adding an adjustable gas block, extra power action spring and straight gas tube as a standard reliability upgrade. 458 SOCOM concentrate in the area of subsonic (1,050 fps and lower velocities) and suppressed loads. 458 socom load data for xhp page 5 . Powders include Hodgdon, Winchester, IMR, Accurate, Alliant The Bowers Group Vers 458 is our purpose-built . I didn't save the source or the load data, but I stumbled across another source  21 Jan 2012 (from Starline Brass) 458 SOCOM Brass (Large Pistol primer) bullets for the . 458 socom. a suppressed 458 socom would be sooooooo sweet. Feb 09, 2012 · The SOCOM is still a very specialized round, and I don't recall having yet seen it in a printed loading manual. That's the where Jan 10, 2015 · About to do a 16 1 in 14 twist 458 socom build. I told him that his . Jan 04, 2018 · The. problem ive been running into is its not a SAAMI cartridge. 458 SOCOM compares very closely to the . At about a buck for each brass, it is pricy but the low pressure of the 458 SoCom will make the brass last a long, long. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right . The Speer 400gr FN over IMR 4198. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. Product Name Cartridge Technology Weight I recently aquired a RRA AR-15 in 458 SOCOM. Part of this could be the heavier upper assembly that I used to test this load, but it could also be that the round itself carries a bit less energy The . Since polymer-copper projectiles may have the tendency to fracture under stress, a . After 100 yards,the bullets fall like a flying brick,around 1. A. Full. Reloading Data Center. Cheap prices on all 458 Socom ammo. 458 HAM’R WITH BARNES 300GR TTSX 0 1870 2329-2 25 1793 2141-0. By comparison,. CAR A4 Upper Half . My suggestion: find solid published data for another 350gr projectile, lead or powder coated if possible. 458 SOCOM is a rifle cartridge that is relatively new to the commercial market. com. 458 SOCOM TEST & HUNT. Jan 14, 2017 · There is quite a bit of load data available for 458 SOCOM. Brownells - AR-15 . Load Data For 458 SOCOM Fast Twist 570gr Controlled Fracturing Subsonic × 458 SOCOM Fast Twist 570gr Controlled Fracturing Subsonic. 6-31. 458 caliber had seen some service in military operations. SilencerCo Osprey 45. Product Name Cartridge Technology Weight Dec 11, 2012 · I built a 458 win mag for subsonic use. 458, 300, Barnes 'TTSX' BT 30642 The Hybrid is rated down to 16” barrels for . Powder ALL Accurate 1680 Mar 27, 2017 · On the other hand, supersonic . This 500gr. All these powers are Subsonic loads refer to those whose velocity is less than the speed of sound. This give me a velocity of ~1700fps (1672 fps at 15'). Taco Assemble Together! (w/ OzarkSpirit) The table below compares the recoil produced by 480 grain and 500 grain loads for the . 338 may be all he really needs, depending on if he's backed up by a guide, or on his situation in general. 458 diameter are common. For hunting medium to large game, bullets in the 250 grain– 400 grain weight range possess devastating killing power. This case has been chambered in AR-15s and Bolt Guns. Re: 458 socom - 1 1/2 barnes The 458 SOCOM is a proprietary case. Jul 03, 2015 · Rock River Arms LAR-458 X-1. 300 blackout . Magnum. I have shot some of the barnes 250 gr bullets as well out of my socom and they did well. 9 Nov 2018 Thinking seriously about getting a single stage press for some upcoming loading. 458 Lott when fired from a 9. Product Name Cartridge Technology Weight CASE: Starline 458 SOCOM PRIMER: CCI-350 POWDER: IMR-4198 / 24. The original load used a 480 grain bullet (SD . Subsonic. They look just fine. 5" barrel. 458 socom load data for xhp page 2. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format, click the red button below. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on . Hopefully it catches on more broadly. com just thought Id ask here because I always seem to get good info here. 458 SOCOM, at SHOT Show 2017 (video of it here) and knew I had to have it. ) 20 Round Box. 458/458 SOCOM. 970" long requiring a 2. 00 1752 2044 28399 2894 90. 575 case length Hornady 325 gr FTX, 2. Reloading Education. 5 701 19. I load the 300 gr FTX bullets in my 50 Beowulf. 458 suppressor is designed to harness the energy of these LOUD, heavy-hitting rounds, and tame the noise as well as the recoil. Made entirely of titanium, the 2-inch outer diameter, 10-inch long can weighs just 20 ounces. 795 Curious what you plan to use the loads on. projectile. 458 SOCOM - 530 grain bullet is constructed of a pure lead core that is segmented in the nose of the bullet. 458 caliber bullets in a lightweight, controllable package. 458 SOCOM has several design and performance advantages over the. Bullet Type Primer. Lead. I'm not against buying another manual but id really only be buying this manual for that right now. Start loading with the starting load according to the loading data. 44 Remington Magnum Load Data; 458 SOCOM Load Data; 458 Winchester Magnum Load Data; 458 SOCOM Load Data. With the 325 grain Strike Force ammunition, I found the rifle to be a very pleasant shooter, even without the suppressor. 0gr of LilGun with the 350gr RNSP Hornady bullet (1623fps & 38 E. The only negative I have with the 458 SOCOM is the limited useful range. Would the . For 300- to 350-grain. 223 Rifles! If you carefully measure water capacity of the case with bullet seated, I think you will find that the . 458 SOCOM, 1. Remember to get the carbine length gas system as the mid length will only work with certain powders. The 458 SOCOM cartridge offers the practical ballistics of the legendary . 3 1. 460 480grn cast?. 8 Nov 2016 TESTING AND HUNTING WITH 500 GRAIN SUBSONIC . I mentioned to a buddy a little while back that I thought of building a . H110 and Lil Gun powders worked best for me, and also Reloader 7. ) has data and Barnes Bullets has data online. 450 Bushmaster has a clear advantage over the . 45-70. Powders include Shooters World Much of the research on the capabilities of big-bore AR-15 rounds like the . 458 500 gr InterLock® RN Oct 19, 2015 · He is also reloading it. However, I'm having a hard time finding data. 18 Apr 2017 500gr Subsonic 458 Socom (PT4:Shooting) - Duration: 5:34. The 350gr Hornady Round Nose,and the 350 FN over the same charge of IMR 4198. I have a LOT of load data that I compiled when the old . Vortex Viper PST 1-4 x 24 scope. Soundly produced all-around and offered at a great price, this is simply an excellent barrel for the average user. 576" O. The base of the bullet is a rebated boattail design. 1 50 1719 1968 1. just when i start to get a pretty sizeable amount tucked back, you go and mention one of the rifle setups ive wanted for a long time. 450 Bushmaster and . The Lyman 50th Ed. 1 75 1647 1807 1. The nose is an open tip design. 223 Rifles! 458 socom is a hard round to work with when it comes to data, and anything you find online is going to be suspect at best since everyone’s gun is different. A little known fact is that the . 7 225 1277 1087-15. I found the sweet spot for my gun to 38. 5gr with the 325gr FTX. I load them in my 460 S&W Start loading with the starting load according to the loading data. Heck, it even has a slightly less arching trajectory than the high pressure . I have a 458 SOCOM I just finished putting together and am about to start reloading for. With an end cap and core made of Grade 5 titanium and a tube made from Grade 9 titanium, the Goliath is a heavyweight hitter in a . We dual diametered the shank which allows the bullet seating closer to magazine length. 458" Case: STAR ¦ Max Case Length: 1. i have lyman and The . Powders include Shooters World Curious what you plan to use the loads on. That's the where and why of the super-heavy 450-, 500- and 600-grain bullets. What is the maximum range I can use the . Jun 29, 2015 · The pages you are referring to I made as a data sheet for ammo I actually loaded for my nephew. Bullets in . 96 4132 I wanna load 458 socom with the Hornady 325ftx and Reloader 7 or Winchester 296. 458 bullets up to 500 grains for reloading thanks to the 458’s faster twist rate but hard-copy data is a bit skimpy. 458 HAM’R cartridge is essentially a. 7 1. Let’s look at the key differences: Power One of the biggest arguments for the . RRA Devastator Upper Half . 458 Socom using 45/70 (. A+ customer service. 95". It has a serrated jacket that is drawn of guilding metal. Bullets. 780 Accurate 5744 570 LHG CF 17. Find what you need in four easy steps. 473". The initial offering was determined to be the gigantic wildcat . Exceptional terminal performance is achieved at this velocity. That being said, when you consider that they’re all designed to be hard hitting cartridges at short to moderate range, there isn’t a tremendous I am looking for Hornady 325 FTX and Hornady 300 HP data. RN I just talked to one of my shooting buddies who shoots an AR and his "starting load" is as follows - CASE: Starline 458 SOCOM PRIMER: CCI-350 POWDER: Winchester 296 / 30. 450/. 172” Diameter. 140". I have searched around and have found some load data but not much regarding Subsonic and especially not with cast,i have read that Reloader 7 is a good Sub powder with this caliber and I have plenty so that 405gr Subsonic Reloads I'm new to reloading and I am trying to find load data for 405gr cast bullets, preferably in the 1000-1100fps range out of a 10. I'd probably Form 1 a titanium  12 Mar 2014 max chamber pressure is 35,000psi for the 458 Socom. The Rock River is a great rifle. I chose these bullets because I had them on hand. 458 Win Mag to a 500 grain loads for the . 72. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. Accuracy from our test upper averages 1. 32 S&W. 4 200 1330 1179-9. 38 pound CZ 550 American Safari Magnum rifle. 458 Socom Bullet : . Flash suppressed Virtually no muzzle flash Reloading Data can be found HERE For  Q: Where can I get load data for the 458 SOCOM? A: Pressure tested load data is available in Western Powders, Nosler, and Lyman load manuals. For special needs, the Rock River Arms LAR-458 X-1 rifle is chambered in . Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. Made from Titanium with a black Cerakote finish, the . Even managed to enlist the help of Sean to crunch some Quickload info as well. We’re making this for people who need a can capable of taking the pounding from a full auto . Very forgiving round and have never had one run off I hit. Nobody supports bullets. Powders include Hodgdon, Winchester, IMR, Accurate, Alliant May 27, 2017 · Per requesthere is my 458 Socom - its a double stamp (NFA) 10. But don’t think this giant is a clumsy oaf. 00 1953 2541 40248 2960 99. 458 diameter Rifle Bullets from great brands like Hornady, Berger, Nosler, Sierra, and more! Sep 08, 2019 · 458 Socom can tackle the 600-grain, while 450 Bushmaster can handle half of this number. Your best bet will probably be hitting the load data section of the . 458 Socom Barrel. Load Data: 02458570LP - 458 SOCOM - Subsonic 570gr, Controlled Fracturing The ogive of the bullet is 0. 50 subsonic bolt rifle. 458socomforums. Go to the 458 Socom forum and hang around for a while. then found out about . The sweet spot for my gun was 29. 223 !DANGEROUS LOAD-DO NOT USE! Data for burning rate decreased by 10% relative to nominal value:-Ba 80 33. This round was developed by Marty Ter Weeme, founder of Teppo Jutsu, LLC in 2000 and quickly developed a cult like following among big bore shooters and hog hunters due to the power and accuracy it delive Jan 26, 2013 · My second load today was 2gr less and cycling is still good and the the primers look much better. 458 SOCOM (11. I would like to use IMR 4198 powder. 22 4777 Hodgdon Lil'Gun 32. It has been steadily receiving more attention and acceptance in recent years but there is still a general lack of information about what it is and what its advantages are. Lone Star Boars. I used Hornady’s reloading data published in the 10th Edition of the Hornady Reloading Manual (p769 & 771). We will post data as it becomes available. Subsonic Loads for the 45-70 and printing round holes with the given load before screwing on my suppressor. 11-Degree Target Crown. 63×40mm) is a moderately large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. It was based on a lengthened and necked down 50 AE with the rim rebated to . ). If you carefully measure water capacity of the case with bullet seated, I think you will find that the . S. Bullseye is a rather fast burning powder. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Accurate Powders. Brass is the hardest thing to get but MidwayUSA gets it in from time to time, just order and wait. 22 4777 Bofors RP1/NP ~approximation 40. 458 SOCOM will shoot just fine to well over 200 yards with either the 250, or 300 grain slugs, maybe 300 yards depending on how pointed the 250 grain bullet is. I have a custom 16" shilen barrel on a Rock river upper with Rock River bolt and charging handle. 6″ groups @ 100 yards from bags. 458 SOCOM loads and the VERS 458 was a bit different. I have bullets coming to me now and and going to start testing it shortly. 2 grains . 458 SOCOM, as an all around camp gun in case of any bear problems. I have seen posts and videos of subsonic 458 SOCOM with similar complaints but they always seem to be using a bullet that does not expand at subsonic velocities. If you actually want to shoot the 458, you need to reload, unless you like spending a couple of bucks a round. 2 250 1228 1005-22 Load data for this bullet in the . 0gr of IMR4227 - 1367fps & 13 E. 45-70 load. I will probably obtain a 500 grain or heavier mold as well. It was all good!. So your on the light side. 458 Socom and tried to push them a bit I got some cracks between the rim and the case. I have a 16 RR upper too but suppressed it is just too long for fast moving pigs (and any other t In 2015, Black Butterfly Ammunition was formed as the manufacturing side of Bangitammo. 223 Remington, 22-250,7MM Remington Mag, 50 Beowolf Load Data: 02458570LP - 458 SOCOM - Subsonic 570gr, Controlled Fracturing The ogive of the bullet is 0. Wilson pulls this off by using an oversize AR-10-based bolt and barrel extension sized to fit in an AR-15-length receiver. All data in this caliber is subsonic but is not normally tagged with the name subsonic. May 18, 2017 · I had a 458 SOCOM for several years. 458 SOCOM, 458 HAM'R, 450 Bushmaster 45 RAPTOR and 500 Auto MAX)? Question – What about a suppressed 375 RAPTOR using subsonic loads for hunting? 458. 458 socom Another muscle load that has recently appeared that is delivering head-turning performance is the . JIM . If you would like to be on our Mailing List to receive updates and special offers, please Inceptor ® Ammunition uses injection molding to create projectiles that are an innovation in bullet design, composition and manufacturing. 795 Prior to Teppo Jutsu’s work on the 458 SOCOM, the . Due to the heavy recoil of this round, it is very important to use a firm crimp By creating a hybrid AR-10/AR-15 rifle, Wilson Combat has been able to up the pressure of . Addition to my recent review. 45–70 to be used in automatic or semi-auto firearms either. 458 SOCOM w/ Barnes 300gr TTSX range (yds) velocity (fps) energy (ft-lb) trajectory (in). 458 SOCOM chamber. 458 SOCOM (Special Operations Command) can push bullets from 140 to 600 grains. 458 SOCOM achieves optimum ballistic performance in barrel lengths shorter than 16” so there is no need for longer, less portable barrels. 458 x 1. One other thing. Guaranteed to be in stock + ready to ship. This round passes through two layers of leather and 26″ of standard FBI density ballistic gelatin. I love shooting mine, I just haven't done as much with it since I went to the 6. Of recent findings, SOCOM is quite adept as a SINGLE propellant for BOTH . 458 2", since it would give you a little more flexibility to load supersonic if you wanted to. Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles. 458 SOCOM is the ability to handle up to 600-grain. Nov 26, 2018 · I saw this suppressor, designed specifically for . This comparison only matters depending on which types of games you are focusing on. Jul 06, 2015 · as title says, looking to see if anyone who has the latest sierra load manual can check if it has any 458 socom data. it would be just a small fireball at night, and with a suppressor probably none visual. 458 SOCOM USING THE CMMG ANVIL AND THE BOWERS VERS 458 FROM SILENCER SHOP. 45–70 is a long, rimmed case originally for black powder. I will have to give you the load data when I get home but I was getting 1/2"-3/4" five shot groups with this load consistantly. 5 inches at 100 yards, and dropping seven inches at 200 yards. long time if you load to safe levels. Not that 20 ounces is lightweight for a suppressor, but it sure as heck is for one this size. 450 Bushmaster Differences. Any help? Currently reloading for . With my 458 socom I reload the Hornady 325 gr FTX bullets in it. 460 diameter bullets and for velocities up to 2650 May 12, 2015 · Well I have researched just about everything I could find on the . 45-70 in a modern AR platform rifle and is capable of firing 250 to 600 grain . 569"-1. Follow Us; facebook icon; twitter icon; youtube . bullet for subsonic 45-70 and 458 Socom. 570" Accurate 1680 570 LHG CF 19. Both are extremely accurate and I can find the bullets every where usually so I have a stock pile of them. 8" magazine when loaded in a 458 The . 458 SOCOM Chamber. If you subsonic 450 bushmaster reloading data. 300 blackout and was all hot to build an upper . It's a very fun cartridge to shoot. 458/45-70 Government. 458 socom load data for xhp page 4. Not all "subsonic" loads are noted as such in the data, because the cartridge is not capable of producing supersonic velocity. The 458 SOCOM was designed to fit the AR15 platform, and is capable of pushing a 300 grain bullet to 1950 fps, generating over 2500 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and 25 foot pounds of recoil. Any help would be appreciated. 458 seems to be good. 500gr Subsonic . The only manual I’m aware of with SOCOM information is the Lyman 50th Edition. 458 SOCOM and unveiled some workable and useful data. Powders include Shooters World Load Data For 458 SOCOM Fast Twist 570gr Controlled Fracturing Subsonic × 458 SOCOM Fast Twist 570gr Controlled Fracturing Subsonic. 458 Socom (Barnes Data 2012) reloading data with 20 loads. Another thing to think about, which once again, my father has gotten into, is powder coating his bullets. Ammo is available from a variety of sources including Corbon, Polycase, SBR, Underwood, and Ventura. TERMINAL PERFORMANCE Field-testing of the cartridge shows that reliability with various loads using different projectiles is flawless and that the accuracy is outstanding. 393 Cartridge : . Subsonic loads refer to those whose velocity is less than the speed of sound. 17 Rem Jan 24, 2010 · Re: 458 SOCOM Load Data I have a SWEET load with H110 and the Hornady FTX 325 grain bullets. 327) at a muzzle velocity of 2150 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 4930 ft. If 3,000 ft-lbs of energy from an AR-15-ish-sized rifle sounds like your jam, read on for Wilson … The Goliath is not for the faint of heart! Created for the mighty . We accept returns. 458 SOCOM loads, a 150-yard zero will give a relatively flat trajectory out to 200 yards. 458 Diameter Bullets - 250 Grain Polymer Tip Monoflex - 50 Count. The story with the . 458 SOCOM Magnum with a longer case shoulder loaded to as much as 46,000 PSI. 458 Special Operations Command) was reportedly given birth This 458 SOCOM load consists of a 300-grain JHP which accelerates to 1,866 FPS from a 16″ barrel. Customer Reviews. I wanna load 458 socom with the Hornady 325ftx and Reloader 7 or Winchester 296. 458 SOCOM can be obtained from SinterFire directly. 458 SOCOM vs . 575 necked down to accept a . Powders include Shooters World 458 SOCOM (Subsonic Loads) Barrel: 16" ¦ Twist: 14" ¦ Primer: WIN WLP ¦ Bullet Diameter: 0. maybe you could provide actual load datafor your 16" bbl with 300 gr bullets as in the original question Originally Posted by NeoConShooter First, the. Anyone have any sub-sonic loading data? A forum search has yielded mainly super sonic load data. 458 HAM’R caliber and the HAM’R rifles. The 150 is actually the most accurate round in my brothers 300B and he loads anything from 110 TNT's up to 230 Sierra's, as well as the two lead loads my father shoots. 338 Lapua Magnum. Loading Unsubscribe from Lone I want to get a suppressed 45-70!! Read more. Cost Per Bullet. L. 458” THE LOAD DATA Jan 26, 2013 · My second load today was 2gr less and cycling is still good and the the primers look much better. Gents, I have loads for the 458 SOCOM with the following bullets. that suppressor looks good, the massive blast chamber might help to make up for the lack of baffles. Buy in bulk & save even more! The 458 SOCOM was designed to fit the AR15 platform, and is capable of pushing a 300 grain bullet to 1950 fps, generating over 2500 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and 25 foot pounds of recoil. You can get 405's pretty easy and very cost effective. ya I'm late, found out about . If there is no indication of the starting load, use a 15 % lower charge than the listed maximum. 458 SOCOM ammo should be. 5 Creedmoor ) I forgot the make and  Item 47F is designed to be a sub-sonic load, for suppressed use, but you do not have to use a suppressor if you do not want to. Have a great day. My preferred powder for the 458 SOCOM is the W296/H110, load range of 27. A 150-yard zero will have the bullet offset less than one inch low at 50 yards, +2. An example is . Check your brass for pressure also. In our opinion the . lbs. 8gr. You might also want to consider a . Using bullets from Hornady FP or RN, Hornady DGS or DGX. 45 Caliber, 45-70 Gov, 458 Lott, 458 SOCOM. It only takes 1 Shot Good hunting and Good shooting Sep 05, 2016 · Yes indeed, but the old . As with all of Underwood Ammo rounds, these 458 SOCOM loads utilize flash suppressed powder  We're sorry, we were unable to load data for this product. bullets. 458 SOCOM is said to offer ballistics similar to the venerable . 5 with a Bowers Versa50 Suppressor. You would probably not get into any trouble using pressure tested load data from reliable sources, such as Speer No. We really found no weak points. I currently have the following molds: RCBS 45-300-FN, 45-405-FN and Lyman 457483 (385 gn). Dec 11, 2019 · Wilson Combat further optimizes its . The end result is the . 11 grains of unique under a 405 is a very fun plinking round in a 45-70 and should work effectively in the 458 socom. Working with the local gun shop, we experimented with 458 Socom in rifle and SBR lengths and suppressed. It is rated to pass . 458 SOCOM vs. Nov 16, 2014 · . There’s no dearth of . 0-38. 496) Hunter's Supply hard cast bullets. They worked very well for me. Hard Cast, Gas Checked, Flat Nose (1675 fps / 2,523 ft. 458 SOCOM 300 Gran; Does anyone have load data for . Powders include Shooters World The 458 SOCOM (Mags, Uppers, Tools, Reloading–Things you should know!) Building an AR-15 Lower – Loads of Bacon and Full. Brownells has produced, as they often do, what the model barrel for using the . 458 dia. The 458 Socom in a small light package like the AR-15 makes a great trail gun, but the availability of the ammo is scarse but slowly growing. 0¢ per bullet. Ive been reading a lot over on www. 50 Beowulf, we are going to Factory loads for the . I have it in a Savage Long Action. Taco 4,164 views · 5:34 · 458 SOCOM ATF Form One Suppressor  1 Nov 2018 Does anyone have load data for Subsonic 458 Socom loads? I'm thinking of using 410gr Hi-Tek coated Lead bullets from Missouri Bullet company through my  13 Jan 2010 I have been looking for a new 'project' and was thinking that I wanted to do a suppressed . 17 Caliber. 96 4132 405gr Subsonic Reloads I'm new to reloading and I am trying to find load data for 405gr cast bullets, preferably in the 1000-1100fps range out of a 10. 450 Bushmaster can’t handle even half of that. Please note that although it sounds great on all the pistol calibers we have tested, we have not yet mil spec tested on the 458 SOCOM. ITEM 47E. 458 SOCOM WITH BARNES 300GR TTSX. round-nosed jacketed   I have been using the . Since then we have not only added more calibers, but we have also added more SOCOM loads to help fill the various roles that this caliber can handle. Maker Bullets – These solid copper hollow points offer world-class expansion and weight retention. 458 Socom, . Feb 27, 2018 · The Starline brass should last you a good long time of reloading, the 458 SOCOM is a relatively low pressure cartridge at 35000 psi. The published data for the . This inspiration is why the cartridge was named the 458 SOCOM. These projectiles are perfect for self-defense and training; intermediate barrier-blind and frangible on hardened steel. 1800 FPS with the 300 gr Barnes TTSX is The load for my rifle. It literally brings home the baconand a ton more pork too :-). These two are probably more similar than different, but the devil is in the details. But a 600-grain 458 cartridge becomes unreasonable with a deer at a close range. 458 round was also inspired by the Barnes . We then durability tested with a 458 winchester magnum with no failures. Everything worked great! The guys also dropped piggies with the . 458 firing supersonic rounds, but who don’t need the bore size of a Vers 50. My go to bullets for hunting were the Nosler 300 gr Silvertip's and the Hornady 325 gr FTX. 458 SOCOM by over 31% and slightly lengthen the case. Some might call that a thumper. Nobody ever intended for the . my choice! Flash We are one of the original manufactures of 458 SOCOM ammunition, and have been providing factory 458 SOCOM ammunition since it was developed by Marty ter Weeme, aka: Teppo Jutsu back in 2001. 50 AE and not heavy enough for the subsonic suppressed role. May 06, 2018 · 458 socom reloading manual. 458 SOCOM and . If you get one let my know and I'll send you my load data. The 300-grain (19 g) round offers a supersonic muzzle velocity of 1,900 ft/s (580 m/s) and 2,405 ft⋅lbf (3,261 J), similar to a light . 458 socom suppressed load data

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